Solid hexagon crochet pattern




I am currently making a cushion cover out of some hexagons I made last summer from the left over Stylecraft yarn from my granny stripe. I couldn’t find a solid hexi pattern, that fitted with what I had in mind so after a few attempts I came up with this and I’m really pleased with how it has turned out.
Using 4mm hook uk terms
●Chain 4 and join to form a ring.
●Ch3 then make 11tr into the ring join with ss.
●Ch3, tr ch2 tr into next stitch, tr in next st, *tr ch2 tr in next st, tr in next st* repeat from * to * 4 times join to initial ch3. (3tr on each side)
●Ch3, tr in next st, *tr ch 2 tr in ch2 corner space, tr in each of next 3 st*, repeat * to * 5 times. Join. (5tr on each side)
●Ch3, tr in next 2 st, tr ch2 tr in ch2 space. tr in top of each stitch tr ch2 tr in corner spaces. Repeat around. (7tr on each side)
●Ch3, tr in each stitch then tr ch2 tr in each corner space. Join and finish off
(9tr on each side).


How to crochet a chainless foundation row for a ripple

chainless foundation ri

After posting ‘How to crochet a chainless foundation row‘ I was determined to figure out a way of doing it for a ripple. A little push came my way via Instagram and so here it is. I have added a couple of videos to show the increase bit and the decrease bit, apologies that the first bit is out of focus but stick with it as I repeat it and then it is in focus! I will try and tyake better videos and upload them at some point but hopefully this will help.

I suggest if you cant already do a straight chainless row then you look at my previous post first as I will just skim over the straight bits and concentrate on the hills and valleys.

This ripple is based on Attic24’s neat ripple pattern.

To start we chain 4 and do 1 ordinary treble into the 4th chain from the hook.

Now we start with the foundation treble crochet (FTR) do 4 FTR ( yo, into that same chain for this 1st ftr, yo back through chain, yo and come back through 1 loop only, this creates our ‘chain’, now yo back through 2 loops,yo back through 2 loops to complete our 1st ftr, for the next ftr we work into the base loop of the previous ftr,

here you can see the BASE LOOPS along the bottom edge

here you can see the BASE LOOPS along the bottom edge


once we have 4 ftr we need to work our decreases, so we yarn over go into base loop. yo back through, yo through 1 loop (to make chain), yo through 2 loops, 2 loops on hook, keep these 2 loops on your hook and yo go into the same base loop again, yo come back through (4loops on hook) yo through 2 loops(3loops on hook) yo and come back through all 3 remaining loops on your hook. repeat.


yarn over


into base loop, yarn over, bring back through base loop


yarn over, THROUGH 1 LOOP to create chain


yarn over through 2 loops, leaving 2 loops on hook


yarn over, back into base loop, yarn over bring back through


4 loops on hook, yarn over bring through 2 loops


3 loops on hook, yarn over bring through all 3 loops


decrease made

then make 4ftr


now the hill or increase, yo into base loop, yo back through, yo through 1 loop, yo through 2 loops, yo through 2 loops, yo into same base loop, yo through 2 loops yo through 2 loops, repeat.

the increase is basically making 1 ftr then 1 tr into the same base loop


Sadly I can’t upload the video I made so I will try and You Tube it and then link to it from here. Hopefully the words will make sense in the meantime. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions in the meantime.


Teeny tiny crochet heart

I wanted to make a little crochet heart, as you do, but being unable to fid a pattern I made my own. Now I haven’t found this pattern published anywhere else but if you do please let me know and I’ll link to it. It’s only fair after all!

So here goes. UK terms as usual. Using dk and 4mm hook.

Starting with a magic ring, make 6 dc in to the ring. Pull to close the loop and join to 1st dc.

Ch1, into next stitch do htr 2tr, then tr hrt dc, htr tr htr, dc htr tr, 2tr htr, ss to ch1.