Camping in Wales. The Site

DSCF0862At the beginning of August we went camping in Wales for the first time. We chose a site from the Cool Camping Wales book, called Tir Bach between Pistyll and Nefyn on the Llyn Pensinsula. We drove most of the way down in glorious sunshine but 10 minutes away from the site the clouds came in and the rain came down, boy did it come down! We would be pitching the tent in the rain *sigh*


Not great! Luckily there was a break in the rain, just long enough to get most of our kit and the kids inside. which was where we stayed until morning! The rain did. not. stop. Neither did the wind! We didn’t sleep a wink, thankfully the kids did.

The next morning we got sight of just how beautiful the place really is. All this had been hidden in cloud when we arrived but now we could see right round the bay from our cliff top field.


Waking up to this every morning was wonderful, especially when the sun was shining as it did for the rest of our stay. We also got a magnificent sunset over the sea to watch every evening.


Each evening we watched the sunset, then went inside the tent for a few games of cards, a glass of wine for the grown ups, before snuggling into our sleeping bags.

The Round Up

Don’t bother looking for a website, there isn’t one! Facilities are basic, its a bring your own loo roll kind of place! There are 2 fields next to the owners house, for tents and small campers only, both perched pretty much on the edge of a cliff! The sheep occupy the very edge! The coastal path from the site is pretty inaccessible these days so its better to drive the few minutes into Nefyn to go to the beach, or a little further to Morfa Nefyn and visit the Ty Coch Inn.┬áThere is a chippy in the village and a shop selling good burgers for your bbq. If you really want get away from it all this is the kind of place you need. Its just you, your tent and the sheep.