A new venture!

Firstly sorry it’s been so long, but I haven’t been idle, I have lots to tell you!
I’ve been busy working on lots of new projects, which I will come to, but first I have been doing lots of planning lately as I have got a job! A job teaching crochet!! Can you believe it!?!
I have taught 3 courses so far and a couple of full day advanced workshops and it’s been fab! I have met so many lovely ladies and had a great time teaching them. I teach these courses at Grace & Favour – The Sewing Sanctuary in Thornton Lancashire so if you live near there and want to learn, get in touch!
I am also going to start running some classes from home too. I have been asked by a few people for whom Thornton is just too far, so I thought why not! Which leads me to my next news! To go alongside my classes I’m going to be stocking Stylecraft Special DK!! This is going to be like yarn heaven for me! I may spend most of my days squishing it. Expect many pictures on Instagram.
So I think that might be me up to date, my first beginners class at home will be Saturday 6th September 2-4 pm so get in touch if you’re interested.
My full day beginners workshop at The Sewing Sanctuary is 16th August. 10am – 4pm (please see Grace&Favour for details)


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