Solid hexagon crochet pattern




I am currently making a cushion cover out of some hexagons I made last summer from the left over Stylecraft yarn from my granny stripe. I couldn’t find a solid hexi pattern, that fitted with what I had in mind so after a few attempts I came up with this and I’m really pleased with how it has turned out.
Using 4mm hook uk terms
●Chain 4 and join to form a ring.
●Ch3 then make 11tr into the ring join with ss.
●Ch3, tr ch2 tr into next stitch, tr in next st, *tr ch2 tr in next st, tr in next st* repeat from * to * 4 times join to initial ch3. (3tr on each side)
●Ch3, tr in next st, *tr ch 2 tr in ch2 corner space, tr in each of next 3 st*, repeat * to * 5 times. Join. (5tr on each side)
●Ch3, tr in next 2 st, tr ch2 tr in ch2 space. tr in top of each stitch tr ch2 tr in corner spaces. Repeat around. (7tr on each side)
●Ch3, tr in each stitch then tr ch2 tr in each corner space. Join and finish off
(9tr on each side).


15 thoughts on “Solid hexagon crochet pattern

  1. im very happy to have found these directions for solid hexagon pattern. i sa all the others but was looking for excatly this kind. thanks so much 🙂

  2. So happy to have found this pattern! I am currently working on an afghan with your hexagon pattern and LOVE how they are turning out! Have you by chance made a partial pattern to fill the corners (to make the finished product square?)

      • I will do my best to show you my finished product! I’m about 1/4 done with my hexagons, so shouldn’t be too too long before its done. Hoping to have complete by July!

  3. Hi…have a question about this pattern–what does this mean?: uch2tr
    its in the third round/row of stitches. I realize the conversion of UK terms to US, but don’t know uch term. Thanks! Great pattern….

      • Oh, thanks so much for the correction! Came back for a visit to see if you had answered–Yay! 🙂 Will be back to visit again soon— Off to get out my yarn and hooks…Cheers!

  4. By the way that one photo with the wavy multi colored afghan peeking out in the top of the hexagon block picture is beautiful! Is that your pattern also?….Is it posted somewhere? Well done 😀

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  6. Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to crochet a half solid hexagon to fill in my edges !!! do you have a pattern for this?

  7. Thank you for this. This particular pattern, with the perfectly aligned holes, is my favorite style of granny, but most of the patterns people write are half-assed and clearly not meant for beginners.

    I did make a tiny alteration to this one, in that for the corner spaces, I did 2 tr/dc, chain 2, 2 tr/dc. It makes the edges a lot sharper.

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