No I haven’t lost the plot, or maybe that’s exactly whay has happened because, I have decided, in my infinite wisdom and possible ibuprofen induced fug, to join in with NaBloPoMo or National Blog Post a day Month. I really need a kick up the backside to blog more and so this seemed a good way of going about it. I have no idea if I will even last a week never mind the whole 30 days but I have to try!
There are several sites around that give prompts to help you decide what to write about each day and one of them suggested this; imagine having a million dollars(£) and you have to spend it before bedtime, what would you spend it on? Oh to have that dilemma hey!!
I think like most people I’d buy a house, outright and be mortgage free. Whoop! *opens up a rightmove tab just to make sure I can find the perfect one* I’d make sure we had enough money for hubby to leave his (boring) job and retrain to do something he loves, then I’d buy a shop and open a wool/craft/cafe type place. I think I’ve probably spent my million by now, what about you? How would you spend it? Would you be more selfish or selfless?


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