20130928_102045I had planned to blog about visiting Yarndale weeks before we went but now it’s over I don’t know where to start! It’s taken me a few days to gather my thoughts about it but I know this will still end up being a load of old waffle!!
I took my eldest with me and we had a fantastic time! We went on the bus from Preston to Skipton, getting off at the railway station so we could catch the Yarndale bus. Obviously!


Yarndale bus


a yarn bombed interior too, so cute

We arrived not long after opening time and got in quite quickly, we seemed to beat the rush, definitely no waiting an hour to park for us!! We already had our bags but we stopped to buy a badge and a programme/guide.

I’m not sure either of us really knew what to expect but we were overwhelmed by the size, the number of stalls, the colour, the people, everything! We wandered aimlessly for a while just trying to take it all in. We found Danielle’s stall A Stash Addict, wow, what a feast for the eyes! We told her we had been lusting after her yarn for months on Instagram but stupidly I forgot to take a picture of her or the stall! Muppet! She is even prettier in real life!! And so lovely! I bought my daughter some Electric Watermelon yarn but I don’t think she knows what she’ll make with it yet.

We found the Knit and Natter lounge, so I got a coffee and we sat and looked at the guide and admired Lucy’s little set up. I was too shy to go over and say Hi to Lucy, which I kind of regret now but never mind. I wasn’t sure what to say without sounding like a slight stalker!!



Here she is with some ‘fans’ and Heather , The Patchwork Heart, one of the Instagram ladies we met up with.

I loved these crochet houses. Amazing!


My daughter and I in the knit and natter lounge


We set off again to look around the other side of the hall, mainly getting carried along by the crowd and missing lots of stalls!

Eventually we found Laalbear‘s stall. I ‘met’ Laalbear on Twitter and discovered we only live a few miles from each other, but this was our chance to meet in real life! She is as lovely as her yarn!  I bought some gorgeous dk and my daughter got some aran and a pattern for a hat.

Cannycrafty’s photo Thank you! x

Lunchtime arrived and it was time for #YarndaleIGmeetup Nervous!! We chatted away for ages, it was a really strange feeling meeting people you feel you know but don’t! I needn’t have worried, everyone was lovely. We all said we wanted to tell Lucy how she had inspired us, and taught us, to crochet and I know a few were brave enough to say Hi. So if by any chance you do ever read this Lucy, here’s what I would have said, I just want to thank you for sharing your life with us,  you inspired me to learn to crochet and after a few false starts I learned thanks to your detailed explanations of each stitch and what it should look like at each stage, just brilliant! I have since taught my daughter to crochet and a few friends too! its given me a new passion in life and a new found yarn addiction love! Who knows, maybe a new business will come of it too.

Of course, I wouldn’t have said all that, I’d have waffled on about the weather or some other rubbish and she would have thought i was mad!


My haul

My Laalbear yarn and some gorgeous baby alpaca chunky and Merino aran I have no plans for!! My daughter has now decided she wants at least 2 Alpacas since the lady at Yarndale said she couldn’t just have 1 as it would be lonely!

All in all a brilliant day and I was quite sad on Sunday morning that I wasn’t going back! I certainly intend to be there next year!


I do hope so!!

Claire xx


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