Tee Pee


Earlier this year I finally made a teepee for the kids. I had been threatening to do it for months(years) and so I ordered (cheap) fabric and set to it. I had looked at a few patterns/tutorials online but they weren’t quite what I had in mind so I winged it! What follows is what I did but it is by no means a tutorial!


I bought 6 metres of fabric, folded it into 4  along its length and cut out a triangle shape. Technical eh! Cutting from the bottom 2 corners up the the middle of the top edge. Basically the width of my fabric decided how wide my side panels would be. I told you it was technical! With it being the first one I had made I didnt want to be piecing fabric together to make the sides so i ddi it like this for simplicity.


pinned together

From the off cuts I made 4 channels, one for each corner for the pole to go through. 4 long ties to tie around the poles at the top and 4 little pockets for the bottom of the pole to sit in. this prevents the poles moving too much.

For the front opening panel I took one of my triangles and cut off the top, with some other off cuts I made 2 doors, hemmed the edge where they meet, sewed them to the top piece and then attached to either side, as I had done with the other sides, remembering to put the pole channel in between.

As you can see it does its job, it is by no means perfect and had I had more fabric I would have attempted a base/floor for it.

Apologies for the lack of photos of the actual making but I hadn’t thought about blogging it until it was finished!

Finished and up!!



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