Tee Pee


Earlier this year I finally made a teepee for the kids. I had been threatening to do it for months(years) and so I ordered (cheap) fabric and set to it. I had looked at a few patterns/tutorials online but they weren’t quite what I had in mind so I winged it! What follows is what I did but it is by no means a tutorial!


I bought 6 metres of fabric, folded it into 4  along its length and cut out a triangle shape. Technical eh! Cutting from the bottom 2 corners up the the middle of the top edge. Basically the width of my fabric decided how wide my side panels would be. I told you it was technical! With it being the first one I had made I didnt want to be piecing fabric together to make the sides so i ddi it like this for simplicity.


pinned together

From the off cuts I made 4 channels, one for each corner for the pole to go through. 4 long ties to tie around the poles at the top and 4 little pockets for the bottom of the pole to sit in. this prevents the poles moving too much.

For the front opening panel I took one of my triangles and cut off the top, with some other off cuts I made 2 doors, hemmed the edge where they meet, sewed them to the top piece and then attached to either side, as I had done with the other sides, remembering to put the pole channel in between.

As you can see it does its job, it is by no means perfect and had I had more fabric I would have attempted a base/floor for it.

Apologies for the lack of photos of the actual making but I hadn’t thought about blogging it until it was finished!

Finished and up!!



Elise shawl

I seem to have evolved into an Instagram sheep! I see pretty things on Instagram and I have to have/buy/make one for myself! The Elise shawl being a case in point. (free pattern available on Ravelry) I made this shawl in May and have since made another in cream for a wedding and will more than likely make one in every colour!!

Tough to photograph!!


I used just over 2 balls of King Cole Smooth dk on a 6mm hook. I used more than the pattern suggests as I wanted a larger shawl.


Late night last minute emergency blocking!


In use! #toiletmirrorpic   (my instagram #) Eldest daughter as bridesmaid in the background too.


5 petal flower crochet pattern


A while ago I wanted to make a 5 petal flower but couldn’t find a pattern for one anywhere, I had an idea in my head what it should look like and so I made up my own! Get me eh! Anyway as I couldn’t find one, you might not be able to either so I thought I’d blog my pattern, kind aren’t I?!
Here goes, I have never written a pattern/tutorial before but this is a pretty easy flower so hopefully you should be able to follow my efforts!

I used dk weight yarn and a 4mm hook. UK terms

Chain 2, into first chain make 5 double crochet. Join to 1st double.
Round 1: Ch3, tr into same stitch, ch2. *2tr ch2* x4 join to 3rd chain of initial ch3.
Round 2: Sl st into ch2 space, ch3 tr ch3 2tr in same space. *2tr ch3 2tr* x4 join to initial ch3.
Round 3: Sl st into ch3 space. Ch3 6tr in same space, dc in middle of 4 tr of previous round. *7tr dc* x4. Join to initial ch3 to complete.

I really hope you understand this pattern! If you have any problems please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to fix it/help you.

Thanks for popping by xx

ita: I first published this post on a previous blog, in case you saw it! It’s occurred to me since that this could be the start of a few things, such as a star or snowflake, I’m going to try both of these and if they work I’ll post the patterns. C. x